This thing’s name is sofa table. In common assumption it is closely associated with the existence of sofa, or it is certain table people should put next to sofa. About the function, many speculate that it is just a useless decoration with less importance. It may present with no function at all, in the same […]

Bathroom lighting design is very important for some people but others think as long as there is a lamp, it is enough. Bathroom lighting should be considered because it helps you in getting good atmosphere while you are taking a bath. Lighting has a big role in bathroom. It can create a cheerful, calm, peace, […]

Every office in this whole world surely has such a file cabinet positioned sometimes near the wall or the end of a surface. A file cabinet is commonly used as the paper storage which contains many documents which are organized in the file folders which are formed in such a drawer enclosure. Almost all office […]

Designer bathroom vanities should know well about anything in designing bathroom vanities. Have you ever feel confused about the proper designer for your bathroom? There are many bathroom vanities designers outside but how the way they design not always suitable for the preference of the owner. The placement of things and what stuff should be […]