Galley kitchen design is the best design for your small house. This design is simple enough when you apply on the small space. You only need room that shaped like a corridor to get place for cooking and also for washing dishes. There are a lot shapes that can be suitable for your kitchen, but […]

Designer bathroom vanities should know well about anything in designing bathroom vanities. Have you ever feel confused about the proper designer for your bathroom? There are many bathroom vanities designers outside but how the way they design not always suitable for the preference of the owner. The placement of things and what stuff should be […]

Round dining room tables might be nice decoration. If you have a dining room with small space, you also can make it as great and comfortable as the large room. Because of its space, you need to choose a dining table with good practicality. Round shape is really fit for narrow room. However, it can […]

Cabinet is one of the most important things which play the big role for human life. As we already state before, in this modern era actually there are many cabinet types which are already developed and classified according to the main function. One of them is the filing cabinet which is generally used to store […]

This thing’s name is sofa table. In common assumption it is closely associated with the existence of sofa, or it is certain table people should put next to sofa. About the function, many speculate that it is just a useless decoration with less importance. It may present with no function at all, in the same […]